Peonies and Poppies and the Virus

Today, after making my toast and coffee, I decided to read all the headlines in The NY Times- and then leave the news until the evening. I have found that listening to the news throughout the day only make me more anxious and more distracted, making it hard to focus on work. And I have a lot of work, despite the quarantine.

And today I felt angry. Angry at America, at our government and our institutions, at our lack of available testing and at the short sightedness of our president. There: I said it. No more political posts.

These poppies and peonies are painted with an abundance of frustration and energy, which I feel right now. They still remind us there is beauty in the world.

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9 replies on “Peonies and Poppies and the Virus

  • isabel margolin

    I hear you. My son is a doctor in upstate NY and I am worried about him and about every patient who is facing this terrible virus without having the knowledge that there will be a respirator, or even room for them in a ward. Our President is a failure, a total failure. I’m sorry to offend anyone out there, especially folks who have not been hard hit and think this is just the flu, but people are dying partially to our government’s slow response. I also read the NY Times and the Wall St Journal for a second opinion. Please people, open your eyes and stop taking all your news from one source.

  • Julie

    I am so sorry to hear about your son, Isabel- and I send you and him lots of good love and positivity. The whole situation IS so frustrating and scary. Please try to stay positive and creative.

  • Barbara Dwyer

    So beautiful! I’d never know there was anger and frustration in your heart.

    I’m with you, so much to be angry about (including our fellow citizens who are not following behavioral recommendations) BUT so much to look forward to when the days are warm and we are wiser after experiencing this tragedy.

    Take care and keep following the sunshine in your heart!


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