These tones of shrimp and vermilion, coral and tangerine, combined with clear light blues, black and dusty turquoise creates the effect of energy and syncopation for me.

I love my quiet time to paint and do beadwork and needlework. But I also love to run, swim, hike, do Pilates and many other sporty things. It’s finally summer in Boulder, and now I choose to go running early in the day. On Sunday, the cool breeze off Boulder creek in the early morning made for a delightful run.

Did I tell you how, every week of the year, a beautiful floral arrangement appears at the front desk and in the womens’ locker room of my gym, Rallysport in Boulder?  What a delight it is. I take a snap shot with my phone before I go work out or do Pilates or swim, and then have the image to refer to later in the week. This one was particularly beautiful- sunflowers, gladiolus, roses, snapdragons and star-gazer lilies.

This necklace, with lots of beaded beads has a Southwest kind of palette, lightly weathered by the sun. It’s combined with stones of rose quartz, fluorite, turquoise, coral and London blue quartz. Perfect on any summer T shirt…

In April I visited my mother in Washington, DC and stayed right in Dupont Circle. On Saturday morning, the local Farmers Market was decked out with gorgeous vegetables and enchanting flowers….like these ranunculus and daffodils.

A quick morning shower put a brilliance on these flowers- zinnias, dianthus, petunias, snap dragons- in ceramic pots in the front of my house.

Out to dinner with friends on Friday night, I couldn’t help but be floored by the huge dramatic arrangement at one of our favorite restaurants, Brasserie 1010 on Walnut Street in Boulder. There was a touch of the Dr. Seuss flair in it. Especially against the dark cafe background.

web 6-14-15 web 6-13-15
web 6-9-15 web 6-8-15In the last few weeks, we have been re-doing my website, mostly to fine tune the speed and ease of E-commerce on the site. It’s working well!  Now, I will be back to posting (as often as I can) both beadwork as well as my daily watercolors. Here are a few from the last few weeks. Thanks for all your patience.