I create jewelry using glass seed beads and gems, sewn with a needle and fishing line. My background is in textiles and design, and I look at my work as an extension of that world. Choosing each bead, one by one, I create a kind of fabric which is strong and flexible. I work off-loom in peyote and herringbone stitches. In addition to off-loom stitching I work on a simple bead loom to create a soft, pliant fabric. I also embroider- on top of these works, as well as directly into fabric.

I am motivated by color. It moves me and inspires me. I work with the colors of the natural world, as well as historic textiles and crafts from all over the world. I am inspired by art of all kinds, and currently by Abstract Expressionism. My designs have a strong, graphic quality which is supported by rich and unusual palettes. Placing each bead- color by color, surface by surface, pattern by pattern, in proportion and balance is my passion.

In combining color, form, surface dimension and pattern, I hope to create beautiful and wearable pieces that enhance the beauty of the person wearing them.

Here is a link to my video of my studio, and my process. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm2ejbJoqVc






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  • Deborah Jordan

    Just discovered your work and I’m thrilled. Re: collage on stretcher bars — does that mean it is suitable of immediate hanging? Also, would hanging in an area with intense sunlight be not advised? Love to look at wish at your many items. Beautiful.

  • Julie

    Hi Deborah! Happy you are thrilled! My collage pieces are suitable for immediate hanging. They can hang directly on the wood, or one can attach a picture hanger piece of hardware to the wood bar. Much of the surface is oil paint, as well as color-fast fabrics, so hanging them in a sunlit area should not be a problem. They are, being textiles, very light. They have a lot of depth and dimension that does not come through on a photograph. Thanks so much.

  • Karen simonoff

    I bought two pieces of your jewelry in the beaded blues combination-the braided necklace and the sea urchin necklace. I have a great love of jewelry especially when it is hand made. Keep these magnificent pieces coming! They are so uplifting during these difficult times.


  • Julie

    Hi Karen, Thank you so much for your lovely note! I will be shipping new pieces to you this week. It’s a pleasure to work with you- stay healthy! With warmth, Julie

  • abby ives

    I discovered your work on Pinterest and have been captivated ever since. It is distinctive; fresh, new, contemporary, original, unique, and iconoclastic. Your use of color is absolutely brilliant. You have raised beading to a new level, for which we should all be thanking you. And I do. Your work is inspiring.

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