These little earrings are an exercise in simplicity. I needed to come up with some new designs to go with my knotted and coiled necklaces, but did not want to repeat the coil/tube concept. I don’t like matchy-matchy. These feel modern and light and the subtle colors are fun but still sophisticated, matching the Square Knot necklace.1-15Celadon, silver square knot neck BIG

I’m not sure where the germs of an idea for a design come from. I have always been curious about this, ever since I did a report in Junior High School about creativity, and reading “The Courage to Create” by Rollo May in the 1970’s.

This introduction is a way of getting at last night’s work. I have been very sick with a simply terrible cold for the last week. Knock-Down, flat on my back sick with a pounding head ache, sinus infection and general misery. I never get sick. Really, I have not been sick like this in twenty years. But I am convinced that when one gets ill, they go somewhere. Somewhere foreign and strange and unknown. One believes that one will never return from this place. But eventually one does. And one heals and returns to the world of the living.

It took this horrid journey to make me take a rest. I took a break from everything normal- designing,working, being productive, exercising and being healthy, eating well, being social, sleeping – because I had no other choice.

When I returned (and I have to admit, I am still a little sick,) I had ideas swimming in my head. I had visions of forms and colors. Of beadwork, of knit work, of drawing. Things looked different inside my head from anything I had conjured before. And the minute that I had an ounce of energy I wanted to create. I wanted to use my hands and pull out my materials and work to bring to life these visual images.

This image is of some of the inspiration that triggered the forms.  I have also included a quick snap shot of the first little pieces of a necklace that is growing on my work table.sculptural inclusion in process

I was delighted to find out that my “Echo Necklace- jewel tones” was featured on the back cover of the February/March issue of “American Craft.” The ad is for Artful Home which has a been a supporter of my work for over seven years. I feel very honored to be showcased in this way.  Thank you, Artfulhome!

While participating in a Facebook Challenge of Jewelry Artists, I was looking through some past work. This is one of my embroidered bags which I created in 2011. It is hand embroidered with glass beads onto fabric, backed in silk. Hours and hours of work went into these bags, but I just love to make them. This one is entirely hand beaded, but sometimes I incorporated pieces of antique embroideries from robes from China and Japan.

The winter view heading south on Rt.119 from Longmont to Boulder in January.

Spiral galaxies and nebulas, in all warm metallic shades. Circular peyote and herringbone stitches with Czech and Antique European glass beads – Mother of Pearl accents. 21″ long.

This is a view, heading south and west on route 119 from Longmont to Boulder. It’s about 5:00 pm with the pink/lavender light on the snow and the blue sky fading.

This Coil necklace is inspired by the gorgeous palette of the amethyst crystal- from blue violet to plum to caramel. It’s quite difficult to correctly photograph the range of purples in this piece. It’s tubular herringbone stitch with all kinds of glass beads, amethyst, fluorite, pearls and pyrite.