Happy New Year! Happy New Work!

Happy New Year my friends and followers!  It feels like a fresh, new time in my life. I have ended certain business relationships in my life, and have opened new ones. I have integrated fiber more and more into my work- both in my jewelry and work to hang on the wall. I am excited to focus on my shows around the country, on my free-lance textile designs for Lost Horizons/Sundance catalog, and my website. Yes, I am a year older (as we all are!) but I welcome the progression into a new, more creative phase.

Here is a picture of my first fiber collage of 2023. I’ve added a photo of the Adobe Illustrator sketch which is second-nature to me, and very quick- though not quite as impressionistic as a watercolor sketch. I can’t wait to work on more of these collages. All the stitching on the finished piece is done in the free-motion technique (feed dogs lowered on the sewing machine) using cotton/poly and wool/acrylic threads on hand dyed fabrics. It has a lot of life, a lot of texture.

My next big adventure starts tomorrow, upon when my husband and I are flying to New Zealand to see my son and is little family for a month. I know I will have all kinds of new colors, inspirations, and creative sparks that I will carry back home to me and apply to my work this year.

Thank you for your support, and see you soon


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