Just finished this new Talisman necklace, which strikes me as the kind of piece that you could wear with absolutely everything. It’s light, comfortable, has 3-tiers and is a combination of beaded beads,sterling silver,labradorite, brass and fire-polished glass. It has an antiqued, patina kind of feeling-ancient,but new.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers from a local Colorado farm- bellflowers, lillies, peonies and cornflowers- in a rainbow of early summer color.

While walking back from my hike last week, along 4th street in Boulder, the garden roses were in full bloom on the sunny side of the street. I have a real love for all shades of peach/coral and orange roses…all loose and floppy and warm in the sunshine.

Here are two of the classic cuffs I shipped out for orders to customers this week- the Lang Tang cuff (in the bracelets section of my shop) and a Sean Scully cuff. I have been making both of these for quite a few years, and they continue to be popular, fun and very wearable.

Yesterday I took a hike up Mt.Sanitas. The weather in Boulder has been incredible- warm, light breezes, sunny with a landscape straight out of an Alpine postcard. These flowers were waiting for me at the top of the trail- hearty and strong, yet with petals so delicate they looked like tissue paper.

It’s been quite a while since my last post in this blog. I have been busy with so many endeavors- from the beaded jewelry and shows, to free-lance designing for a couple of companies. I will be back now. I promise. And I’ll post both my daily watercolors as well as new beadwork. And beautiful things in my life that I think you might enjoy. Thanks for your patience.

This is my watercolor for June 14, 2017. It is from a bouquet that was featured at my gym last night as I went to my Pilates class.