This colors in this new necklace are very unusual for me. I usually work with saturated and punchy colors, or neutrals- but these pale petal tones just soothe me and seemed so beautiful for spring. I can see someone wearing this Echo necklace- glass beads, interspersed with silver from Africa and recycled glass beads- with a crisp white shirt and jeans.

Here is a Square Knot necklace and cuff, inspired by a beautiful painting by Lisa Daria. I love the play of the persimmon and red against the gray green/celadon and mocha. Neutral but not.

I have been very busy getting ready for my first show, Brookside Art Annual in Kansas City- May 1-3, 2015. I’m trying to make new pieces and put together a beautiful collection to bring with me which will cover fabulous new necklaces and cuffs, as well as a selection of new earrings. Today I finished some new earring designs and experiments, and based on initial feedback from Facebook, will make MORE! I am going to post these earring designs in the Shop section of the website so that you can purchase them.  They’ll be available in a couple of weeks.

orbit earrings on ear website

I love quilts. Especially simple Amish quilts and modern quilts where color is what they are all about. There is something about the geometric cuts of pure color, one set against another and fused with sewing, that just works for me.There are times where I think, I’m done with the flat peyote cuffs, I want to move on. But then the joy of playing with color brings me back and a new re-iteration of a Quilt cuff is created….

It’s now the time for me to focus on new work for my upcoming Spring and Summer shows. My first show is May 1-3, 2015 at the Brookside Arts Annual show in Kansas City. I love this show, and I love the arts patrons of Kansas City. They have been so good to me! This necklace is a new rendition of an earlier turquoise/silver Berries necklace. I just love the “Network” stone, with its calligraphic-like striations. The stone just spoke “WITH RED” to me, and so I made lots and lots of beaded beads using very saturated antique red beads and Czech glass beads I have collected. The clasp is hammered Sterling silver as are the pins the beads hang upon. 18″ around the neck.