Do you offer Custom colors of your work?

Yes, I am happy to create custom pieces for you. If you like a particular design, but would like it with your own custom colors, then the price is the same as listed. Color is the area in which I am most flexible, so it’s easy for me to offer something you see in different color families.

Custom work is non-refundable. To make sure the colors that I use are what you desire, I often work with photographs and images that I can send to you to confirm. For instance, if you want to do a Sculptural cuff in shades of chartreuse and black, I will send you color swatches or a photograph that incorporates the colors you would like. I can fine tune them, but a certain confidence must be  had in my own artistic color sense.

Can I order Custom Sizes?

Yes, it is simple for me to lengthen or shorten any piece you see. In general, there is no extra charge for this service. If the length of a cuff exceeds 1.5″ from the description. there will be an additional charge.

If I see a piece in a certain style/color but would like it in another form, is that possible?

Yes of course. If you see a necklace in colors or shapes that you like, but would prefer to get a cuff, I can interpret each general design in another form. I will work with you to make sure it’s just what  you want.

Why does it take a few weeks to receive my hand beaded jewelry?

I do not stock jewelry. It is very unusual for me to have inventory on hand. So as to be sure that you have exactly what you want, I make each piece individually per order. This is a slow and concentrated process, bead by bead, color by color – to create a fine work of art with strength and stability that will last for generations. If you need something quickly, contact me. I will try to make your piece a priority.

Will my beaded jewelry from Julie Powell Designs last and stand the test of time?

Yes. These pieces are constructed with incredibly strong fishing line and glass beads. They are durable and flexible and are generally stronger than people think they will be. They are not constructed on a loom, so if something catches or snags, the whole piece will not unravel. The beads are for the most part, glass- with pigment embedded in the glass itself, so there will be no change to the surfaces or colors of the beads or stones. They can get wet and they travel well and are very light and comfortable.

What if something happens to my piece? Do you do repairs?

I stand behind my work 100%. If anything at all should happen to your beadwork, I will repair it free of charge. These pieces are textiles, and though they are strong and constructed laboriously with a needle and super-strong fishing line, sometimes accidents can happen. I will always repair your piece and send it back to you, free of charge immediately.

Will my piece look exactly like the photograph on the website?

For the most part, each piece will follow the general design and colors of the images on this website. However, slight variations must be allowed for variance of color in the beads, stones and other elements. This only contributes to the one-of-a-kind quality of each cuff, necklace or pair of earrings.