Once I had taken a photo of the lake yesterday, I realized no one would believe the sight.  The reflection in the lake was almost as clear as the foothills themselves, and the sky was such a deep rich blue, it seemed unreal.

While on a run on the Foothills trail yesterday morning, the sky in Boulder had a strange cloudiness and a light that was just a little off kilter. Here is a view of our Wonderland Lake in that light.

I had one of those outbursts of inspiration in the last couple of days.  As many of you know, I am a fiend for Pinterest and have been pinning the work of Earl Pardon for years. I’ve marveled at its modern, colorful almost “Hundterwasser” patterning, evoking the rhythm of quilts and grids (to which I am drawn.) After brewing ideas for designs in my mind, I did some sketching and decided upon a form. And then I basically sat down at my work table and beaded like a mad woman (through a beautiful Colorado afternoon, through trick-or-treaters, through the Mets losing game 4 of the World Series and a short sleep in between) to execute my idea. I finished it at  7AM. I am very excited about this cuff. It is simple: just peyote stitch with spots and dashed of color, in strategic (very strategic- down to the last bead) placed, then embroidered with flat discs of stones, glass, hematite, gems. It has a great weight and it captures the feeling of  the spark of inspiration that I had in my crazy mind.


Earl Pardon cuff sketch web

It’s the first of November, and it feels like the peak of color for the maples and other trees changing their colors in Boulder.  It’s not just the color, but the contrast of the colors against each other and against the clear Colorado blue sky.