Coral Roses and the Virus.

These are trying times. Most all of us are isolated indoors with the threat of the Corona virus looming. Uncertainty, anxiety, fear are just some of the feelings that I am having. What about you?

For the first week or so, I could not fathom making a watercolor painting, or creating a new piece of beadwork. Yesterday I pushed myself to do so- just to experience the simple pleasure of laying paint upon paper and gazing upon something simple and beautiful. Thank goodness that Trader Joes has fresh flowers. These coral roses are likely to bring be days of beauty and refuge.

I figure I will eventually get to new designs for my beadwork, but until then- when the muse strikes me- I continue on many orders that I have stacked up. I feel lucky to have plenty of work during this time. It helps me to just stay to some semblance of normalcy and get to work.

I hope you all are well. xoxoxo.

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