When we lived in the Bay Area of California 15 years ago, this pot held a lovely little lemon tree. Now, in Colorado, it holds annuals- bright crisp little dahlias, lantana and floppy coral petunias.

On Sunday, my husband and I went to a lovely wedding in Lyons, Co….at Planet Bluegrass.  A beautiful event, on beautiful grounds along the shade of the St.Vrain river. These charming flowers were planted in an old turquoise tube outside one of the wooden buildings.

Lately I have been working on my free-lance design job, designing sweaters for Lost Horizons, that are hand knit in Nepal. This is the time of the design process-gathering sales information, sketching, editing and then CADs (Computer Aided Design) and tech packs. I’m deep into it. Hardly coming up for air except for a few orders to ship, meals and exercise. Oh, and a little sleep too. Drawing and painting these little daily pieces relaxes me and loosens up my brain to be able to start the day. 6-24-16 web


6-25-16 web


6-26-16 web

I bought these flowers, thinking only about the beautiful vase created by glass artist, Bruce Stowell – http://www.glasstrianglestudio.com/bruces_glass – and the colors that would sing together with it’s cranberry, raspberry reds and soft jewel tones.

Here are 3 new necklaces that I am preparing for my show next weekend, The Denver Arts Festival-  http://www.denverartsfestival.com  . They blend complex and textural beaded beads with beautiful stones like smoky quartz, jade, apatite, amazonite , citrine, raw amber, yellow turquoise, fluorite, hematite, pyrite, prehnite, silver and brass. All are about 18″ in length.

I’ve taken the form of my new Labyrinth necklace and made it in a bracelet. A fun vehicle for playful color…very light and summery.

Every year they open with jubilation.  Incredible to see that Nature has created such a thing of beauty. Such saturation and striking contrast of the rich red against the spring green.