Indian Paintbrush

Just finished this piece, “Indian Paintbrush” which is all free motion stitching on top of watercolor painted linen. It’s 16 x 20″, mounted on bass wood cradle board.

I kind of changed the process and flow with this piece, working through the process with more of a “dialogue” than a planned outcome. Often, coming from a design background, I plan a piece and know how to execute the plan so that it will look the way I want it to. This was different. I planned it out, but then it took many circuitous turns and changes, adding elements, subtracting elements, evaluating and changing colors, adding fabrics and covering fabrics. I wanted to immerse myself in abstraction, and I feel like this felt like a truer way to approach the abstract realm.  The stitching/painting came “alive” for me. It feels like it acquired a life of its own in the process of creation.

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2 replies on “Indian Paintbrush

  • Suzi Gillman

    As with your beaded jewelry designs, this “new” venture is so beautiful. I find it quite relaxing to view. Thanks for sharing.

  • Julie

    Thank you so very much, Suzi! It’s kind of crazy to switch gears after doing the same thing for 15 years, but I will continue the beadwork and I explore this new world. I so appreciate your support!

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