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I continue to be captivated by the work of Paul Klee. This weekend I created another “Interwoven Cuff” inspired by one of his paintings from 1929, “Fire In The Evening.” Initially I was drawn to this painting simply in terms of its color- it’s cool, earthy dark-is blue and purple tones, sparked by a fantastic abstracted square of vermillion red, off to the right of center.  As I looked at it more and more, and kept it open on my screen as I beaded, I realized it was laid out as a landscape- the dark soil and earth tones of the forest at the bottom, and the evening blues and twilight purples in striations of the sky above. It seems to me it is divided in three sections from left to right, as well as about three from top to bottom. The more I sat with this painting, the more I saw, and the more I was moved by the sheer power and tension of color placement. I have tried to create this effect in this most recent cuff, but its what I strive to do in all my work. It’s kind of audacious. I love using the contrast to offset the calmness of the predominant tones. Here is a link to a story about the painting…

Here is the new cuff, both flat and on my wrist…

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