Beautiful Morning

We are in the depths of winter in Colorado right now. There is traditionally quite a lot of snow in March. But who knows about the weather these days? I was enchanted by the sun coming through my window as I worked this morning, while finishing another Interwoven Cuff. I am crazy about this new group, where I am weaving woven-ribbons with each other, creating a new textile, a new fabric of woven beads.  I have no idea how it will look till I finish. I love that anticipation and excitement. This piece is mostly inspired by the Fiber Artist, Olga de Amaral of Columbia. Her work has blown me away ever since I saw her piece that is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum. Here is a link to her website

Like my hero, El Anatsui, her transformation of fiber and materials into spectacular hangings and sculptures is truly breathtaking. She has worked primarily in golden shades, much like El Anatsui, but has also expanded into other colorful realms. I find her work beautiful, powerful and inspiring. I am trying on one level, to interpret her work into my tiny pieces of jewelry.

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4 replies on “Beautiful Morning

  • Annette Anson

    Julie, you continue to amaze me with your creativity. The self portrait if you working by you window is a wonderful compliment to your words and your finished piece.

  • Terri G

    Julie, what a beautiful bracelet….captivating really! And thank you for the introduction to Olga de Amaral’s work. Clicking on the link to her website and viewing her video collection is truly inspiring. I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts and your work.

  • Julie

    Terri, I am so glad Olga de Amaral is inspiring to you too. Oftentimes I am inspired by NON-beadwork- and play around in my head with interpreting my excitement into beads. I hope you can do the same. Thanks for your compliments!

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