Pliant Cuff -Golds and greens

Here’s another experimental piece I recently completed. I have been focussing on creating movement and dimension in my pieces. This piece merges a free form bead weaving- in terms of color and size of beads, with the flexibility of a wire armature. I am using soft Sterling silver wire that has been hammered and oxidized. The shapes I am using are organic and leaf like, but I don’t want it to be literally leaves. I want the shapes to have a sculptural quality that lies comfortably on the neck. I can already figure out ways to reinterpret this particular piece- in color and shape, but I feel like I am reaching towards something that is right for me. The inspiration is a painting by Robert A Warshaw , “In the Desert #2″which I found on green and gold free form new back

This is a revised version of the necklace where I changed the back of it to be only silver, without any beads. Simplifying the elements makes sense to me.

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