Simple Pleasures

I often have to juggle things in my life. I always have, and I always seem to thrive in an environment of multi-tasking. I make my living in various ways, and lately I have had a lot of work designing for my job with the knitters in Nepal. I was very busy earlier with deadlines for Artful Home and the ACC/Baltimore Virtual Show. I love the variety. But today I seemed to get computer brained and needed to step away from the Desktop. I wasn’t ready to venture into any other project or even my “to do” list. I needed a little burst, a little pop, a little break of creative energy to recharge my batteries. So: I made this little wraparound bracelet. It’s nothing. It’s just strung beads that I had on-hand and a woven clasp I made to match the bead colors. It’s a little exercise in color and simple form. It’s also kind of hip and current, and no big deal. I think it’s healthy to just play like this- to not invest a huge amount of time to just let loose and make something. I had fun. I felt like a kid. I feel there’s value in that. Especially for grown-ups like us.

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