Northern Flicker Square Knot Necklace

This recent Square knot necklace was inspired by the graphic and contrasting colors in the plumage of a Northern Flicker. Mother Nature is the most incredible designer! It’s all hand woven in tubular herringbone stitch, accented with stones of yellow jade, recycled glass and hand blown glass. 18″ in length. I think I would like to create a whole series of bird-inspired jewelry!

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4 replies on “Northern Flicker Square Knot Necklace

  • Susan Mattison

    This really caught my eye. I am also a beader and I am not easily impressed! It is interesting that the “spellchecker” here does not recognize the word “beader”! Funny! I really love your use of color and pattern. I am also very happy to see a fellow bead artist who is bold enough to ask for a fair price for their work! Wonderful! We both know it is worth even more than that!

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