Log Cabin Quilt Cuff

I love quilts…mostly those that focus on color and simple patterns. Like Amish quilts with their mysterious and saturated colors, or the quits by African-American artists of Gee’s bend. It’s that play of color against color that moves me so. I have always created beaded cuffs that are inspired by quilts, but they were usually flat bands that wrap around the wrist. Lately I have been more interested in adding three-dimensionality to my work, and so I wanted to incorporate this sculptural quality to my work. Here I created quilt “squares” and then linked them with galvanized silver beads. Then I threaded copper wire through the holes in the edging beads which was an interesting idea, but too risky for the long run. Next time I will wrap wire and thread the thin wire through the edge beads. Live and learn. It’s all a journey. This is the quilt that inspired the color palette- a little quirky and odd, but that’s what I liked about it.ws ochre blue gray quilt

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