Embroidered Cuffs

I have taken a few years off from doing a lot of embroidery with beads, choosing to focus primarily on Peyote and Herringbone stitches. Beginning this year, I have decided to return to embroidery. It combines my love of sewing and stitching and my background in all things Textile with the amazing realm of glass beads. It feels so “right” to me. By combining the embroidery with cabochons or 3D  bead woven motifs, I am able to achieve a sculptural dimension to the embroidery which I like. I love working with the  graphic latitude that embroidery can give me that I can’t really do with weaving. I can work in curves or in a grid formation. I can combine sized of beads -in glass or in gemstones,creating unexpected patterns and rhythms.  I love the rich surfaces that embroidery makes And I love combining the two disciplines of bead weaving with embroidery.

Silver and Turq embroidered cuff web

rainforest emb cuff web

Klimt cuff- plum charcoal web

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