Brush Stroke Cuff

Those of you that follow this blog, and my work, know that I am enchanted by watercolors. I love the free-flowing, unexpected nature of the medium and the way the colors interact and behave. My paintings have become a near-daily discipline. And I love painting each day.

While on a run yesterday, I was hit by a “lightbulb moment” and had the idea of combining my beadwork with my watercolors. I love the irregular, and capricious nature of color placement with paint and wanted to try to combine this nature with beads. Like pointillist dots on a canvas, the little seed beads sit tightly embroidered next to each other, but interact with the eye to create colors in the viewers’ mind.

I have never considered beading this way. I have always worked with blocks and shapes of color, and while I have varied the colors within these shapes, I never thought about combining them as loose brush strokes across the canvas.

I made this piece very quickly. I couldn’t stop. I was obsessed and excited to see how it would emerge. I think that the fact that I didn’t really plan it, helped in its spontaneity. That is, if you can ever explain bead embroidery as “spontaneous!”

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